Waste management practice

Shandy Tema, 51

Shandy Tema was born in the village of Ga-Mphahlele in Limpopo and now lives in Alexandra, Johannesburg, where she established and runs the Electronic Waste Cooperative of South Africa. The cooperative started recycling waste products more than 20 years ago. It is now...

Rowen Anderson, 30

Rowen Anderson, 30

Waste Want

While crafting a corporate social investment project as a Unisa student, Rowen Anderson realised that his family business was the ideal inspiration for a community outreach assignment. His initial idea was to encourage the homeless to collect waste by offering them a...

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Megan Swart, 27

Megan Swart, 27

Operations manager

Packa-Ching is a Polyco initiative, sponsored by Shoprite and Sasol, that collects separated recyclable waste at source. It develops small businesses that collect and recycle packaging from low-income and informal areas — areas that often have little to no recycling...

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Himkaar Singh, 29

Himkaar Singh, 29

The Compost Kitchen

Himkaar Singh is the founder of The Compost Kitchen, a Johannesburg-based business that delivers compost rich in organic matter. “We collect and recycle food waste into vermicompost, using thousands of earthworms. We give the vermicompost back to our customers each...

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Tracey Gilmore

Tracey Gilmore

The Clothing Bank and The Appliance Bank

Started by Tracey Gilmore and Tracey Chambers in 2010, The Clothing Bank aims to address two major issues in South Africa, namely waste management and unemployment. The organisation partners with retailers, redirecting deadstock to the hands of local entrepreneurs....

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